Do you need help calming your mind?

I teach my clients self-hypnosis and mindfulness meditations to help them take control of runaway emotions.

Is it time to finally manage your health, stop smoking, or increase your well-being?

If you are smoker, there is noting better you can for health than to quit today. I provide my clients with the support and tools to break unhealthy habits and to firmly establish new positive ones.

Undergoing a medical procedure or recovering from one?

I teach my clients how to tap into their innate ability to use self-hypnosis, positive imagery and meditation to aid their natural ability to relax and heal.

Need help managing pain?

Self-hypnosis and mindfulness are natural, safe, and affordable complements to traditional pain management therapies.

Seek relief from anxiety, fears, lack of confidence, or improve your performance?

Take 15 minutes now to relax and center yourself. Just click on the video below

I am Dr. Ray Sullivan and I have had the great pleasure of helping many wonderful people just like yourself realize their goals through the safe, affordable, and effective application of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, mindfulness training, and wellness coaching.

I specialize in hypnosis for health and well-being and I can teach you the skills to help you achieve your wellness goals. I have been actively practicing since 2006 and have helped many people improve the quality of their well-being and lives.

On this website you find articles on hypnosis, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, as well as related topics that spark my interest and curiosity in my blog. Also, I also provide examples of my work in the form of free hypnosis downloads.  My hope is that you will use these resources to improve the subjective quality of your life.

Every year, numerous people, similar to yourself, discover the secrets to calm their minds, relieve themselves of anxiety, move past trauma, face up to their fears, stop smoking, manage their health and well-being, and many other issues. Isn’t it time you finally did so also?

I am currently accepting clients in Westlake Village and Ojai. I am also available online to help you achieve your wellness goals. Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and self-hypnosis can help. Contact me today and learn how.