Managing your weight can be a difficult and discouraging process. Many of us have lost weight only to gain it back a short time later. Although diets may seem successful in the short term, they may be unsustainable in the long run. In addition, we may find it more and more difficult to manage our weight as we age; it seems our bodies and metabolisms conspire against our best conscious efforts.

Weight issues can be very complicated and touch upon cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physical issues. In addition, there is the struggle with body images and discrimination by the “thin” population who may naively view weight as an issue of self-control – it’s more than that. Furthermore, studies show that people who lose 50 or more pounds and keep it off must exercise three or more times a week for an hour at a time to maintain their new weight. Managing weight is not an issue of will power or dieting, but it is a matter of establishing and maintaining a new healthy lifestyle.

My personalized work with you on weight issues will address your specific cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues that have prevented you from reaching your weight goals in the past. We will work together to establish new healthy thoughts and behaviors while clearing away old negative emotional patterns that have kept you stuck.