My program consists of 3 or 4 straightforward easy sessions.  The first session will last approximately two hours; the first hour consists of an interview and a brief explanation on hypnosis. During this time I pay particular attention to understanding your smoking habit: how did it start, how much do you smoke; when and where do you smoke. I want to understand your relationship towards cigarettes or any other tobacco product you use. I want to understand your motivations and desire to quit because we will strengthen your determination and commitment as we progress through the session.

From there we move into imaginative exercises which work with a deeper level of mind. Here we solicit images and memories of cigarettes or other tobacco products and once we obtain these images we create new associations and relationships with them.

Then we move into trance work, the deepest level of mind I work with. In the trance we strengthen your motivation, determination and commitment; we highlight negative aspects of cigarettes, give suggestions for alternative behaviors, and build a new identity as non-smoker. All of this is personalized based on the information gathered from the interview and imaginal exercises. The trance work is recorded and you will use the recording as a daily self-hypnosis practice for four weeks following the fist session.

A vast majority of my clients stop smoking on the first session! They throw away any remaining cigarettes, ash trays, lighters, etc; everything associated with smoking. As a non-smoker they have no need for any smoking paraphernalia. Some clients have their cars detailed and cleaned to get rid of the smoky smell. Many are amazed to find the process much simpler and easier than they anticipated.

The second session follows 2 or 3 days after the first and will last an hour. This session ensures and strengthens the suggestions from the first session. Additionally, we will explore and reinforce alternative behaviors to smoking and using tobacco products.

The third session follows two weeks after the second. During this session you learn basic self-hypnosis techniques which you take with you to apply to any situation in your life.

A fourth session is optional and is to reinforce your identity as a non-smoker for life.

During our work together I am available by phone and email for support and encouragement.