Ray Sullivan cares about you. If you want to change something about yourself and you are willing to put in the work, there is no better guide to helping you achieve your goals. He is an intent listener, expert in his field and strikes me as deeply committed to his field, and,thus to his clients. My experience with him was transformative, enlightening and sometimes actually downright fun! Forever grateful for meeting Ray…Sue C.

This is Gary G.- we had a session and you were helping me build my confidence to speak in front of crowds. I have since been a part of a training team that trained new hires for my agency and have been doing so with minor anxiousness that would eventually go away as the training progressed. Yesterdays training, however, was a milestone for me- I experienced no anxiety whatsoever and even made people laugh and feel concern where appropriate- I actually enjoyed being a focal point in the training. Thank you so much!…Gary G.

I am a very successful amateur golfer who has been playing competitively for twenty years. About eight years ago, I ruptured 3 discs in my back and couldn’t play golf for 6 months.  Afterwards, I was never able to reach the same level of play that I knew I was capable of before my injury. I knew it was in my head because in mid swing I would find my mind doubting my shot – sometimes even thinking of the trouble or hazard – instead of the target.  I had trouble both committing to my shot and swinging freely.  After just one session with Ray, I noticed a significant improvement in my game.  After three sessions I feel I am playing better than I have ever in my life.  I wish I had met Ray three years ago.  I feel very relaxed and focused while on the golf course.  I can’t thank you enough, Ray!!!…Ralph G.

When I came to see Ray I was an anxious and apprehensive driver. I was literally unable to pass moving trucks and whenever my husband drove, I was such a nervous wreck that we almost always got into an argument. However, after just two sessions with Ray I was able to take a long road trip with my husband and it was the most enjoyable trip we have ever taken in a car. I now pass trucks with confidence knowing I am a competent safe driver. Even my husband now believes in the effectiveness of hypnosis…Jane T.

I quit smoking for nine years when stress at my job drove me back but I found it didn’t real help me with stress, in fact I became a person I didn’t like, a closet smoker. I was back up to two thirds a pack a day when I could not help but to noticed the cough. When my doctor told me I had the lungs of a sixty year old, I knew it was time to seek help and fortunately I found Ray. With his help I recalled how awful my first cigarette really was. I remembered the dizzy horrible feeling I had. We also did some visualization techniques that subtly but profoundly altered my relationship with smoking. All the work was personalized towards me and my situation. I found it was easy to quit and did not experience the withdrawal symptoms I expected, thank you Ray…Anne Marie K.

I smoked for about 25 years and was up to a little more than a pack a day before coming to Ray. I knew it was time to quit. I enjoy ballroom dancing and when I was young I could dance non-stop for hours but then I noticed I was panting after a few short dances. I have always been a strong believer in the power of the mind and with Ray’s guidance I successfully applied it to overcome my cigarette habit. I continue to dance and now find my stamina increasing with each day; thank-you Ray…Tom K.

I smoked on and off since high school and quit for four years but started again while carpooling to work with a smoker. I just turned 50 and I knew it was time to finally stop. Working with Ray helped me do that quickly and easily. I smoked my last cigarette on the way to my first session. While there Ray helped me clarify and strengthen my motivation and I have not smoked since. It was simple and I haven’t even thought about cigarettes since. I also learned self-hypnosis techniques which give me confidence I will remain smoke free for life…Hugh S.

Weight loss through Hypnotherapy has been the most effective Weight Loss Program I have ever tried. I have been on diets almost my entire life. I have yo-yoed many times over. With Hypnotherapy, I never feel deprived, or that I can’t or shouldn’t eat certain foods. I just follow the guidelines Ray created and find that not only does it work, but that I don’t eat as much as I used to. I am more that halfway to my goal, and very happy…Debra Y.

I always knew I could lose weight. But I always found it so difficult to lose it and to keep it off. But by working with you I have lost 20 pounds in 9 weeks. Thank you for your support and encouragement…Sandy F.

My Doctor told me if I did not lose weight that I would be at high risk to develop type II diabetes. After working with Ray I started to consistently lose two pounds per week and I’m now well on my way to returning to my ideal weight…Steve H.

Working with Ray helped me to get clear about meeting goals in my life. In one session, with his assistance, I made a goal to get my books published and have been working towards that goal ever since! Thanks to Ray’s presence and expertise, I am now moving forward with my life…Zaria P.